Hajj Package 2017

بسم اللە الرحمن الرحیم

          HAJJ PACKAGE 2017

from ( London & Manchester )                   
Package includes :

  -  Hajj Visa .
  -  Hajj Draft .
  -  Return Ticket .
  -  Transportion From Airport to Makkah Then Madinah to Airport ( Air conditioned coaches ).
  -  Accommodation in Makkah.
  -  Accommodation in Madinah ( 3* Hotel with With half board & Air condition ).
  -  Full Service and Food in Mina and Arafat .
  -  Accommodation ( European Tents During  5  Day of  Hajj) . 
  -  Sleeping Bag In Muzdalifah .
  -  Qurbani .
  -  Ihram .
  -  Ziyarats In Madinah.
  -  5L Zam Zam Water .

                                                                                (£3825) pp

Airlines details

London Flight
Etihad Airways  flight no:  
Departure:                            24/08/2016         at:   20:45  LHR Terminal 
Return from madinah :      09/09/2016         at:   18:45  LHR Terminal

Manchester Flight
Etihad Airways  flight no:  
Departure:                            23/08/2016          at:   20:10  MAN Terminal 
Return from madinah :      10/09/2016          at:   15:35  MAN Terminal


 The applicant must submit a completed application form.

•Sign the Terms and Conditions 
•The applicant must have a passport with a validity of at least six (6) months, the passport should have at least two empty visa pages adjacent to each other. 
•Each applicant must submit three (3) recent passport size colour photographs with white background. 
•The applicant must submit proof of vaccination for meningitis (ACWY).  
•The Mahram should write his complete information on the application forms of his spouse and children or any relative with whom he is travelling. He should also provide copies of marriage or birth certificates if his surname is different to them. .  
•Non-citizens that are resident in the UK should submit an original utility bill and the original copy of their valid residency visa. The visa must be valid for 6 months from travelling day. Visit visa is not accepted.
•Non-electronic passport will not be accepted by Saudi Embassy. 
•If the applicant has reverted to Islam, an authorized Islamic certificate must be submitted with the passport.


Online transfer : Write your ( mobile no. ) as a reference please . 
Cheque   : Please make Cheque payable to ( Salahuddin Hajj and Umrah ) with your full name on the back of the Cheque. Please let us know in advance if  you are sending a cheque with the your application.

Account details: 
      Account name : Salahuddin Hajj and Umrah
                   Bank : HSBC 
              Sort cod : 40 02 33
   Account number : 21882775 

                    PLEASE NOTE:

There will be a Hajj seminar please do attend it, and if you cannot do so then kindly ask for the CD of the seminar.
All documents you send to us including your passport will be kept with us and they will be given back to you on the day of the travel in the airport.
•Please note that  it is your responsibility to check the Luggage Allowance and the amount of Zamzam water that you can bring with you.
•It is easier to put on your ihram garments in the airport than on the aeroplane.
•After passing the united agent office in Jeddah airport please give your passport to your group leader to  save time getting on the coach. Your  passport will be kept with the  Motawef (Saudi authorized person by the Ministry of Hajj ) and you will have it back on the departure  date. We strongly advise that you carry a photocopy of your passport at all times.
•Each person will receive Hajj Draft prior to Departure.  Please keep it safe with you until you arrive at Jeddah (Hajj Terminal) as it will be collected from you by United Agent office.
•Please give your valuables to your group leader during Hajj days.
•Minimise your load during Hajj days, because we are moving a lot.
•If you are taking medication, you should bring an adequate supply, accompanied by a doctor’s certificate describing the medication. This will help avoid problems with Customs.

Terms and conditions
•Full payment should be received after sending the passport to us.
•There will be a cancellation charge for any cancellation. The charge of full amount could apply if you cancel after the 1st of Zul Qaidah.
•When you receive your tickets and visa, you must check them carefully and notify us immediately if you think any details are inaccurate. We are not liable to you for any problems, which arise if you do not advise us immediately.
•If there is any case of Pregnancy, illness or disability we should be informed before booking.
•We do not accept a Female Haji without a Mahram.
• British nationals who choose to travel on non-British passports should ensure that all British visas or endorsements are clearly shown in that passport.
•Any documentation required to re-enter the United Kingdom should be obtained before leaving the UK.
•For security reasons, please do not peel off the stickers on your passport.
•All dates of departure, checking in, and checking out may change depending on the moon sighting.



Expected Hajj Program

Hajj Seminar 

please make sure to attend the Hajj Seminar as valued information would be given on all aspects of Hajj and related matters of your trip. You will be contacted about the date and time of the Seminar.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION : For pilgrims and Umrah performers in order to find out and have more information, . By ( English ,عربي , كوردى ) and You can obtain the booklet from these ways below free of charge.
* Application for Apple and androids.      ( DIARY OF HAJJ )
* For more information please call me. 
Also you can download a PDF file from :  (www.salahuddinhajjandumrah.com)

Preparation: You should have your hair cut (if needed), unnecessary body hair removed, moustache trimmed and nails pared. Then take a bath.
Intention (Niyyah): On the Mikat zoon make the intention to perform Hajj. Please note that the intention of any worship should be done by the heart not by the tongue. 
Talbiyah: On the Mikat recite Talbiyah.  Jabir ibn `Abdullah said, describing the Hajj of the Prophet (pbuh): “Then he started to say the words of Tawhid, 

Labbayka Allahumma labbayk, labbayka la sharika laka labbayk. Inna al-hamd  wal-ni`mata laka wal-mulk, la sharika lak  

[Here I am, O Allah, here I am. Here I am, You have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise and blessings are Yours, and all sovereignty, You have no partner.]  [Muslim]  

Prohibitions of Ihram  

There are things which are forbidden in the state of ihram. These briefly are:
1.Hunting of  land animal.
2.Sexual intercourse and foreplay.
4.Applying perfume.
5.For men only: wearing the sewn clothes such as shirt, singlet, pants etc.- wearing shoes or socks - covering the head.  
6.For women: Wearing Nikab or gloves.
7.Cursing other people.
8.Quarrelling with others.
9.Cutting the bodily hair.
10.Clipping the nail. 


Arrival in Jeddah 

Madinatu Al Hujjaj (Hajj Terminal) 

After arrival at the Hajj Terminal the Pilgrims will be taken to the waiting hall in the airport. Please expect a long waiting period depending on the number of Pilgrims coming at that time. When your turn comes, customs agents will call you to the booth, they will check your visa and get some information from you and then they will ask you to pick up your luggage and proceed to the checkpoint where they will conduct a routine search of all the bags.
At the gates of the Hajj terminal you will be asked to give the hajj draft and some stickers will be put in your passport. And then we will be taken to the Bus station to start our trip to Makkah. 

Arrival in Makkah

Accommodation during your stay in Makkah will be in Al-Azizyah Al-Shamalia. Al-Azizyah Al-Shamalia is a district in Makkah which is approximately 5km away from Haram Sharief. 
Azizyah is close to Mina.The Jamarat is located only 30 minutes walk from our Apartment location.  

Your address in Makkah: 
Makkah Al-Mukaramah Al-Azizyah Al-Shamalia Street,  behind Assalam shopping centre ( Souq Assalam). 

مكة المكرمةالعزيزة الشمالية / خلف سوق السلام 

 After a short rest, you make your way to Al-Haram (Ka’abah) to perform Tawaf Al-Qudom (Arrival Tawaf) and Sa’ae. After performing Al-Tawaf and Al-Sa’ae, head back to the accommodation.

An important talk will take place in Alazizyah on the 7th of Thulhijah.   

   (8th Zul Hijjah) Going to Mina:  

  • •Take a bath and then put on Ihram garments in the accommodation. 
  • •Remain in during the Tarwiah Day (8th Zul Hijjah) and perform the 5 prayers starting from the Zuhr prayer and ending with the Fajr prayer on the day of Arafat. 
  • •All the prayers are shortened (except Maghrib and Fajr) and offered at their proper times. 

 (9th Zul Hijjah) Going to Arafat 

  • ♣After Fajer prayer in Mina, proceed to Arafat. 
  • ♣The Imam leads Zuhr and Asr prayers, combined and shortened at Zuhr time with one Athan and two Iqamah. 
  • ♣Time will be spent in Dua’a (supplications) and Thiker (remembering Allah) until sunset. 

Going to Muzdalifah 

  • ♣At Maghrib time, without offering Maghrib prayer, leave for Muzdalifa (Al-Mashar Al-Haram). 
  • ♣Offer Maghrib and Isha. (Isha is two Raka’a) prayers together at Isha’s time with one Athan and two Iqamah. 
  • ♣Stay overnight in Muzdalepha. It is permitted for weak people (woman, the old, and the ill etc.) to leave Muzdalepha after midnight (Moonset). 

        Please note that: 

  • •There are no tents in Muzdalifah. 
  • •Pebbles (to throw at the Jamarat in Mina) can be picked up from Muzdalifah as in Mina there are not enough Pebbles. ( Every Haji needs 70 pebbles). 

 (10th Zul Hijjah) 

  • •We will walk from Muzdalifa to Mina to throw the Jamarat. Some of the Holy places can be very crowded,  particularly at the Jamarat in Mina Hujaj can become easily separated from their family or friends. Please make a note of the location of your camp and tent and agree a meeting point in case you do become separated. After Jamarat, you will leave for Makkah to do Tawaf Al-Ifadah and Sa’ae. Our Apartment is not far from Jamarat, we usually go to the Apartment first to shave, have a bath, change clothes, and to relax before going to Haram. 
  • •Please note that by that time everybody is already familiar with the ways leading to the Haram so after Jamarat we will go to the  Haram individually.  
  • •After finishing Tawaf and Sa’ae we meet in the apartment and then we walk back to our camp in Mina. 
  • •It is a long walk on that day and if you cannot walk or you have any medical problem speak to your group leader who will do his best to find the best solution for you. 

(11th, 12th,  and 13th   Zul Hijjah) 

We have to stay in Mina on the 11th  to throw the Jamarat. Your group leader will be with you to help you in doing that. On the 12th  and 13th of Zul Hijjah we have to throw the Jamarat again, However it is permissible for the Hujaj to leave Mina on the 12th  as long as they do that before Maghrib time.    

Leaving to Madinah 
We will be leaving to Madinah on the 15th of Zul Hijjah in the morning. 

During your stay in Madinah: 
You will be praying at Masjid Al-Nabawi (Mosque of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). And it is from the Sunnah to visit the following places:
  •Al-Baqe’a Cemetery. 
  •Quba’a Mosque for offering prayer. 
  •Uhud Cemetery.
Al-Baqe’a Cemetery is next to the Haram so you can walk to visit it, and as for the rest of the places we will arrange the Ziyarh for you. 









* For more information please call us on:
    020 3737 5683
    075 4581 7775
    079 2721 7775

                 HAJJ PACKAGE 2017


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